Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic Folk

"Stories about life on the road.
Songs about friendship. Songs about loneliness, anxiety and the search for relief. Songs as a meditation on human relations. Stories about the underdogs. Their quest for freedom, the setbacks on the way and getting it up again.
Songs of and for hobos."

The Trees like Torches is the stage name of 32 year old german songwriter Simon Hermann. After a long musical journey playing in rockbands and traditional music he started writing his own folksongs on guitar.
Back in December 2015 The Trees like Torches published his first EP called "From the Shed". A limited edition of 100 handstamped cardboard digifiles. The EP was recorded during two week "Songwriters on the Road" tour through mid and east Germany.
In 2016 he chose to become a full-time nomad till last year when he went back to what people call "normal life". Besides his visits to France, Spain and the US he spent a year in Canada busking from coast to coast, exploring Canadas folk music scene and the native culture.
From 2018-2019 this musical endeavor took him on a extensive DIY tour through Russia, Mongolia and China while traveling from Europe to Southeastasia by land.
His latest songwriting switches from guitar to piano back and forth which lead to the recent release of his first video session on piano called "Reflector -3 Songs on Piano-" at patreon.

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